Wings Over Africa Flying School
An aerobatics rating is a course for all pilots seeking to learn advanced manoeuvres and precision flying. The only requirement for the course is a Private Pilots Licence and the duration of the course is

This rating is carried out in the Super Decathlon and teaches the student introductory to aerobatics, graduate sequence, sportsmans competition sequence, intermediate to advanced competition sequences.

For those interested in aerobatics, Wings Over Africa also hosts an aerobatics training camp whereby aerobatic pilots from across the country come together to train and mentor each other, and of course put on a weekend full of displays for all to see. In conjunction with the camp, a day is opened for pilots to join in on the experience by receiving a flying briefing from one of the highly experienced aerobatic pilots.

Tzaneen airfield also has a rich history in hosting air shows and aerobatics championships and so Wings Over Africa offers a healthy environment for any pilot wishing to complete this rating.

Aerobatics Rating
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