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Wings Over Africa Flying School
The commercial pilots licence (CPL) is a course for those who wish to fly as a career. It is also a platform for those wanting to do their instructors rating and airline transport pilots licence.

In order to apply for a CPL, you need to be 18 years of age, hold a valid Class I medical and obtain a general radio licence.

The CPL course duration is a minimum of 18months for full-time students. The rate of training is weather dependant as well as student progress dependant.

Flight Training
You need to obtain 200 hours for the CPL. This includes the PPL training, night rating and 100 hours of solo flying. The solo flying includes cross country flying between different aerodromes.

We do advise students to complete the instrument rating while doing the CPL training as it is extremely beneficial for flying skills and employment opportunities.
Ground School
There are eight subjects for the CPL course. The course can be self-studied but we do offer a full comprehensive groundschool for thos who wish to sit lectures.

Each exam is written online at the SACAA in Midrand, Gauteng. They are multiple choice and the pass mark is 75%.
Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.