Wings Over Africa Flying School
Instrument Rating
The instrument rating is a course teaching pilots to fly using the cockpit instrumentation without visual reference to objects outside the aircraft. The instrument rating is usually completed jointly with the commercial pilots licence as it is a necessity for many employment opportunities. It is also beneficial to private pilots as it allows them to fly in more adverse weather conditions.

The course requires a pilot to have their PPL, a class 1 medical, a general radio licence and a level 6 Language Proficiency Check, which are all offered at Wings Over Africa. It requires a minimum of 40 hours of instrument flying time and the duration of the course is four months for full time students.

For instrument training, a one hour sortie is flown that includes en-route navigation, a VOR approach at Palaborwa, an ILS approach at Hoedspruit military base, then returning to Tzaneen airfield for an NDB cloud break procedure. Included on various flights will be en-route holds and limited panel flying. Instrument training as well as navigational exercises are all conducted in controlled airspace for students to be exposed to radio procedures.
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