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Wings Over Africa Flying School
Flight Training
Ground School
The Private Pilots Licence is used for recreational flying and is also the first phase in obtaining a Commercial Pilots Licence. There are no qualifications required to apply for this course but an applicant must be 17 years of age, pass a Class II medical, a language proficiency test and obtain a restricted radio licence.

The duration of this course is in the region of three months for full time students. For those who cannot attend a full time course, we offer part time lessons for students to do lectures at night and fly on weekends.
You will need to complete a minimum 45 hours of flight training for the PPL. 25 will be with an instructor and 15 will be flown solo. The training is conducted in either a Cessna 172 or a P-92 Tecnum Echo.
There are eight subjects for the PPL course. These subjects can be self-studied, otherwise we offer a fully comprehensive groundschool.

Each exam is written online, is multiple choice and has a pass mark of 75%. Wings Over Africa is an SACAA approved examinations centre and therefore exams can be written on site.
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