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Wings Over Africa hosts a spot landing competition for all pilots to participate, showing others their flying skills and sharing in the fun. We have seen the likes of student pilots, private and commercial pilots as well as aerobatic and crop spraying pilots join, each in their own aircraft type.

The spot landings are a great way to improve one's flying as the requirements are to complete three landings, one normal approach, a flapless approach and a glide approach. With every spot landing competition, Wings Over Africa conducts a safety briefing and a thirty minute structured hangar talk discussion. It encourages private aircraft owners to keep current in their flying, gain experience and creates an opportunity to meet new faces in aviation.

The competition is held on a monthly basis at the Letaba Flying Club and floating trophies are awarded for various categories. The club offers a venue for all interested in aviation to join and share in the experience over some good food and beverage.

Spot Landing Competitions

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