All Courses

All Courses

The Private Pilots training PPL
The private pilots license is used for recreational flying and is also the first phase in obtaining a commercial pilots license. There are no qualifications required to apply for the course but a applicant must be 17years of age, pass a class 2 medical, a language proficiency test and obtain a restricted radio license.
The duration of this course is in the region of three months of full time students. For those who cannot attend a full-time course, we offer part-time lessons for students to do lectures at night and fly on weekends.

Flight training
You will need to complete a minimum 45 hours of flight training for the PPL 25 will be with an instructor and 15 will be flown solo. The training is conducted in either a Cessna 172 or a P-92 Tecnum Echo.

Ground school
There are eight subjects for the PPL course. These subjects can be self-studied, otherwise we offer a fully comprehensive ground school.
Each exam is written online, is multiple choice and has a pass mark of 75%. Wings over Africa is an SACAA approved examinations center and therefore exams can be written on site.

The Commercial Pilots License (CPL)
The Commercial license (CPL) is a course for those who wish to fly as a career. It is also a platform for those wanting to do their instructors rating and airline transport pilots license.
In order to apply for a CPL, you need to be 18years of age, hold a valid class 1 medical and obtain a general radio license. The CPL course duration is a minimum of 18 months for full-time students. The rate of training is weather dependent as well as student progress dependent.

Flight training
You need to obtain 200hours for the CPL. This includes the PPL training, night rating and 100hours of solo flying. The solo flying includes cross country flying between different aerodromes. We do advise students to complete the instrument rating while doing the CPL training as it is extremely beneficial for flying skills and employment opportunities.

Ground school
There are eight subjects for the CPL course. The course can be self-studied but we offer a full comprehensive ground school for those who wish to sit lectures. Each exam is written online at the SACAA in Midrand Gauteng. They are multiple choice and the pass mark is 75%

Advance training

Tail dagger rating
Wings over Africa offers a tail dagger rating and conducts the training on a Piper Super Club. The course requires a minimum of 8hours of flying time and the duration for the course is one week minimum, including the ground school.

The training
* Taxing a tail dagger
* Upper Airwork’s
* Take-offs
* Landings

Ground school
* 4 hours

Wings of Africa’s staff are instructor rated on many different aircraft types. This has been advantageous to pilots who need ratings onto aircraft for future flying opportunities as well as private owners who buy their own aircraft and seek rating on it. Please see alongside a list on single engine and multi engine aircraft that we will be able to assist pilots with ratings onto when the aircraft is available.

Tecnum P92
Tecnum sierra
Tecnum Bravo
Jabiru series
Raven 500
C 150
C 172 series
C 177
C 182 series
C 188
C 206
C 208 Grand Caravan
C 210
PA 18 Super Club
PA 25 Pawnee
PA 28 series
PA 32 series
PA 34 Seneca
PA 36 Pawnee Brave
PA 46 series
Cirrus SR 22
Super De Cathlon
Sia Marchetti
Beechcraft Bonanza series
Beechcraft Baron 55
Beechcraft Baron 58
Beechcraft BE 19
Beechcraft B 200
Beechcraft B 1900
Grummon Ag Cat series
P 166 Piaggio Albatros

Instrument rating
The instrument rating is a course teaching pilots to fly using the cockpit instrumentation without visual reference to objects outside the aircraft. The instrument rating is usually completed jointly with the commercial pilots license as it is a necessity for many employment opportunities. It allows them to fly in more adverse weather conditions.
The course requires a pilot to have their PPL, a class 1 medical, a general radio license and a level6 language proficiency cheek, which are offered by Wings of Africa. it requires a minimum of 40 hours of instrument training, a one hour sortie is flown that includes en-route navigation, a VOR approach at Palaborwa, an ILS approach at Hoedspruit military base, then returning to Tzaneen airfield for an various flights will be en-route holds and limited panel fling. Instrument training as well as navigational exercises are all conducted in controlled airspace for students to be exposed to radio procedures.