Unusual Attitudes Training

The following is converted in the unusual attitudes training course offered at Wings over Africa.

Positive spin

Positive flat spin training

Inverted spin

Inverted flat spin training

Steep turn 60 degrees and greater

Stall nose pitch angle, angle 70 degrees and greater

Recovery from stall

Recovery from porpous

Recovery from Dutch roll

Aerobatics rating

An aerobatics rating is a course for all pilots seeking to learn advanced maneuvers and precision flying. The only requirement for the course is a private pilots license. The rating is carried out in the Super Decathlon and teaches the students introductory to aerobatics, graduate sequence, sportsman’s competition sequence, intermediate to advanced competition sequence. For those interested in aerobatics, Wings over Africa also hosts an aerobatics training camo whereby aerobatic pilots from across the country come together to train and mentor each other, and of course put on a weekend full displays for all to see. In conjunction with the camp, a day is opened for pilots to join in on the experience by receiving a flying briefing from one of the highly experienced aerobatic pilots.

Multi engine rating

A multi engine rating is a rating onto an aircraft with two or more engines. Once a pilot obtain a multi engine rating, he can do a simple conversion to other types of multi engine aircrafts under the same class. Wings over Africa offers this course on a Beechcraft Baron 58, This is a widely operated multi engine aircraft and so is an excellent aircraft for both training and the value of the rating. The multi engine course requires a pilot to have a private pilots license as well as 70 hours of solo flying time, this will be completed in one week for full time students.

Turbine rating

The turbine rating is offered for pilots wishing to move from the piston engine systems to the turbine engine systems. Many larger aircrafts use the turbine engines and so this rating beneficial for private pilots buying larger single crew aircrafts, such as the Cessna 208 Grand Caravan, or for Commercial pilots looking to obtain a rating on turbine aircraft operated by charter Companies. As with the multi engine rating, the turbine rating is conducted on an aircraft commonly used throughout Africa, there by making it an excellent trainer due to the value of the aircraft rating as well as the turbine rating. The training is conducted on a Cessna 280 Grand Caravan and the training consist of ground school and fling time. The course duration is one week.

License training

Wings over Africa is staffed with instructors qualified to do a range of license testing and renewals. We have two grade 1 DFE’s who conduct initial and renewal test for the commercial pilots license, instrumental rating and instructors rating. We have three grade 2 instructors to conduct tests for night rating initial or renewal tests for the private pilots license, aerobatic rating and tail dragger rating. Alongside the flight testing, we also conduct language proficiency checks and run courses for cockpit resource management, dangerous goods, safety and procedure training as well as courses for the restricted and general radio telephony license.

Types of rating

The below type rating are offered at Wings over Africa Tzaneen Airfield base as well as abroad.

B 200

B 1900

Embraer 120

Embraer 135

Embraer 145

P 166 Piaggio Albatross

Training Facilities

Fleet: Training for private pilots license and commercial pilots license is conducted on the P-92 Tecnum Echo and Cessna 172. Both these aircrafts serve as excellent trainers and assist students in completing a flying course at low cost. The tail dragger rating is done on a super Decathlon.

Airfield: Wings over Africa is situated at the Tzaneen Airfield (FATZ), 20km outside of Tzaneen town, Limpopo. The Tzaneen airfield is an uncontrolled airfield and is equipped with a maintenance hanger, re-fueling depo, runway lights, NDB, general flying area and club house. It is a lively airfield and has hosted many airshows as well as aerobatics championships. The runway is tarred and stretches 1420km.